Mid-Century House

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  • Highgate


  • Restoration
  • Interior Refurbishment


  • Built

Project Overview

While Design Director at CDA, I successfully lead and completed a transformative project for the Mid-Century House, a gem originally envisioned by architect Michael Leonard in the 1960s. Nestled within a scenic estate bordering Hampstead Heath, the property's once-prominent features had faded due to internal divisions and an overgrown, enclosed garden.

Our aim was to revive the original spaciousness and connectivity while modernising the property. To achieve this, we replaced the cumbersome timber staircase, introduced floor-to-ceiling pocket sliding doors in the living area, and repurposed the garage into a stand alone utility space, thereby enhancing the serenity of the kitchen. Removing partitions on the first floor created expansive bedrooms, bathrooms, and studies, all overlooking the verdant garden. We seamlessly integrated an existing basement apartment into the main house, crafting a luxurious guest suite and a home spa accessible via a new staircase. Deep Accoya window reveals framed picturesque views of the remodeled garden.

Moreover, sustainability was paramount in our approach. We upgraded the windows to double-glazed units, bolstered insulation in walls and roof for improved thermal performance, and modernised all services to boost energy efficiency, ensuring a cosier and more environmentally friendly living environment.